How to choose the right app developer


How to choose the right app developer for your phone or more


Sometimes people come up with great ideas for their businesses, but are barred from success because of poor implementation. However good an idea may be, it will only make sense if you are able to put it into action. 
And in the modern business setting, digital marketing, with a focus in the use of online tools has become essential. Every business with a dream of succeeding must have a plan for online presence. And it starts with having a website. This the most basic tool for working penetrating every region with potential customers. 
But a website is no longer just enough. When it comes to accessibility, one has to go an extra mile to ensure everyone has gotten access.
And that is where applications come in. They are part and parcel of contemporary marketing providing one-tap accessibility for their customers. For you to build a good relation with your customers where they can access your services from anywhere, a mobile application is essential. 

Choosing the right developer is key .
Anyone can come up with a great app idea. However, finding a good team on your project is the problem. According to research, there are approximately 2.3 million people working in the app development field.  You have to sit down and think about your choice very seriously. 
A good app is not too pricey especially if you have you consider the output. And this is where it gets tricky. Chances of being tempted to look at the prices are very high. You may never get the right developer if you focus on the wrong ideas. 
So how do you choose the right one? Here is how.

Do you really need a developer? .
The first step is acknowledging you really need a mobile developer. There are many situations where you may have thought of creating your own app, but that is not a good idea. Even if you have an internal team, the best they can do is come with great app ideas. 
After writing the general product idea on paper, the avoid postponing it. We have seen many company owners struggling with getting the app developer because they cannot decide on a partner – and whether to really hire one. 
You might be the product owner, a manager of a CEO, but that does not bring you close to understanding coding. There is a lot to be covered in the coding field, which are all crowned by good practice and experience.
In other words, clearly define your needs. Write down reasons why you need the app and how you intend to use it. With such a guideline, you are sure to start sourcing for someone with some knowledge about your field. 

Do your due diligence .
After defining clearly what you need, start your research. With the number of mobile app developer existing currently and the ones coming up, a research will put you in a better position for choice. 
Ask around for referrals from other savvy webmasters. Go on and vet every suggestion you get. Do not rely too much on what you are getting from other people; rather focus on establishing a personal relationship. 
Go on their website and find out what other people are saying about them. Every site has a part for customer reviews, a place you really need to check. It is easier to get first hand information from those who have already used the service than using promotional messages. 
Do not rely only on what they say they can do. Such is a business that can use any advertising language and incentives to lure you. Focus on your need. 
In the end, you will still be left with a long list of potential candidates. That is ok because you are making a good progress and from there, will come a service you can trust. 
What you are looking for now is a solid standpoint on where to start. The process of eliminating the ones you have on your list may prove longer than you may have imagined. 
Here are things to do.

Choose the region.
Where do you want to source your developer from? It is important to have a specific region. This gives you not only a point of focus but a way to cut a better deal. 
Consider the communication, culture and time difference between your zones. This gives you and idea on the right approach. The USA and Western Europe is known for top quality but expensive work. India on the other hand is known for low quality and high risks if you don’t get an exceptionally good company. 
One of the most booming regions for outsourcing such services is Eastern Europe. They offer high quality and the prices are quite affordable. 

Open a conversation .
From your list, you should be having a few companies now from the specific region you have chosen. It is now time to go further and establish a link with them. Send out  “Hi” email to each team. 
Keep the message simple, only outlining what you are looking for without too many details. At this point, you have not yet chosen a company, only prospecting for one. 

Check out the replies.
Why do you need to send out a message? It’s because you want to assess the communication skills of the team. 
Consider how first they reply and if you understand each other. You need to speak the same language. This means the team should have a clear understanding of your company’s goals. They must have the will to comprehend the specifics as well. Communication is very important as it is the basis of a mutual understanding. 

Ask for recent projects they have worked on.
Consider your niche when asking for some cases from the company. If they have done some in your niche, that is a probably a good match for you. The team will already have an understanding of your target audience and the general markets as well as you do. 

Consider workflow .
One of the reasons you should not pick a freelance where sourcing for these services is that companies have established business process. They have proper governing procedure for each aspect of development. You need to find out the UX/UI principle they employ. The aim is to establish whether you are dealing with real professionals. 

Do they offer testing 
Obviously, every company will want to present themselves as the best team even when they are not. But they should prove it offering you a test for the mobile apps. Check out with them the tools, devices and protocols they plan to use for your app to work flawlessly. 

Do they have references?.
If they are willing to set you up with a former client, they can be trusted to work on your project. There is no better way to prove their viability but with a recommendation from someone who have dealt with them in the past. 

Conclusion .
Using the idea shared above will definitely get you the best team to work on your projects. Once you have established they are the ones, review the proposed NDA and legal contract. And pay attention to the imposed financial obligation before signing the deal. 
The pay them a visit or at least get a virtual tour. With these steps, your work will be made so much easier. We hope this article gets you going. 


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