Tips that to save you some electricity on electronic devices

Tips that to save you some electricity on electronic devices

Have you ever wondered where the world would be without portable electronic devices? We would still be living behind in so many things.

Imagine if you wanted to do you school homework without a laptop for instance. You would have to go to some place with a desktop computer to get the service. 
This would be the situation with everything else. Making a simple phone call would mean getting the heavy phone somewhere from your home. That is one of the hardest things one would ever have to do.
But since the invention of portable electronic devices, things have really improved. Now you can access everything from the balm of your hand. 
The internet 

The modern word is built on technology and technological advancement. Thanks to the internet, you don’t need to struggle searching for anything. 
Smartphones and tablets have brought the whole world of information closer than ever. This is a case that makes everything across the world to be connected. 
In areas where you need to read news from a newspaper, or stay glued to the television, the internet has made is easier. Read any news and watch any programs using your mobile devices.

Social media has turned the world into a small village. When it begun, users had to travel distances to areas with cyber cafes to get the connection, check their statuses and update their profile pictures. 
You don’t need to go through such struggles anymore. As long as you have Smartphone and internet connectivity, you can share your thoughts and great moments with the world. 

Those who depend on social media usually have a lot of these portable devices. To take photos, post them and wait for reactions while on the go is their daily chores. 
But they consume too much power
A person who stays on social media the whole day will require their phones to be fully charged at all times. If they don’t do that, it is will be hard for them to stay ahead of the trending news and best pictures. 

Portable mobile devices consumer a lot of power and that is no secret. As much as they seem small and perhaps too little to ignore, they might be the biggest cause of power consumption in your house. Chances are 20% of power goes to them.
Unless you understand this very well, you will ignore such threats, which in turn will continue costing you. But with some knowledge, you will realize there is a great potential of saving on such utilities. 

You can save
Understanding how power is consumed in your house is an important part of keeping your power consumption in check. Some people don’t even realize how much power they have wasted until the bill comes. Who can blame you, the cost of charging a single Smartphone is not something you can put in your mind. However, it becomes a concern when charging multiple devices at the same time. 
When you are sure you have not used much power throughout the month, it comes as a surprise to realize there has been so much waste. And wasting power does not mean you stop charging you gadgets. We know how much we need them and telling someone to stop is almost impossible. 
Here are a few things to put in mind.
Stop phantom energy 
The best word that describes phantom energy is vampire power. It is also known as the idle power, which is the number one cause of unforeseen power wastage. This is the energy consumed by devices and appliances in your house without your knowledge. You may not be aware that power is being consumed. 

Portable devices use a lot of phantom power, and it all comes down to people neglecting them. For instance, after charging their gadgets, most people will not remember to unplug the charger from the power source.

For this reason, the chargers for laptop, cameras and phones end up sacking power from the grid. Many people leave them plugged even after the phone is fully charged. That is one mistake you may not want to do. 
Apart from chargers, leaving tablets, TVs, laptops, video game consoles plugged in wastes energy. Even when they are off, they continue to use low levels of electricity as well. 
Ensure that you switch off your electrical appliances and unplug them from the sockets. Phantom power accounts for about 10% of household energy consumption. It may not seem like much, but you can save a lot.

Consider when to charge your devices 
Charging your phone or laptop should be well calculated. It is very important to consider when to charge them. It is advisable that you consider off-pick hours. 
The good news is, most electric utility companies have off-peak pricing. These are certain hours of the day where the cost of power consumed per unit cost per minute is the lowest. It could be during the day of at night, depending on when the demand is low.
This is the right moment to charge your devices. You can save and even cover some of the costs originating from idle energy. 

In addition, there could be locations outside your home that offer free charging. Take advantage of such and you may never have to deal with high electricity bills. These areas don’t charge anything as long as you are there, you can take the advantage. 
Avoid the standby mode
Most mobile devices have standby mode that enables than to switch off the devices but not completely shut them down. They enable the user turn back the device on without having to reboot. 
It is also called sleep mode. What many people don’t realize is that your gadget continues to consumer power. The device remains fully powered and continues with power usage just like it were on. 
Instead of sleep mode, just shut it down completely until you are ready to use again. You might be surprise how much you save. 
Invest in power saving gadgets
There are plenty of gadgets that can help put a tap on the way your energy is consumed. They can for instance control phantom energy consumption in your home. 
Consider for instance, stations that allow you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Once the charging is complete, they automatically switch off. 
If you have many appliances in your home, a smart power strip is something you may want to invest in. It helps you eliminate wasted phantom power and other issues that arise from uncontrolled power consumption. 
Learn electricity saving practices
Sometimes power wastage simply comes from you not having good consumption manners. But you can teach yourself to keep an eye on your gadgets. 
It is very easy for instance to just walk in your house and unplug anything that is not in use. Teach yourself to walk through your house, switching the unused items like chargers, old appliances and gadgets you find plugged. 
Also, you can learn to reduce your electricity rate. It is possible do this by measuring how much power you need and getting just enough. 
Power bills are among the highest utility bills people have to pay at the end of the month. Yet when you know how to save, you can pay way low. We hope the tips above helps you realize how to properly keep your power in check. 





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